The Applications are reviewed by the Research and Post-graduate General Directory.

To be admitted into any of the two post-graduate programs it is required to have Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering or related specialty, the following documentation must be presented:

  1. Duly completed Admission Application (1).
  2. Degree Certificate (2).
  3. Grades Certificate (2).
  4. Two confidential Letters of Recommendation, preferably written by former Degree faculty teachers (1) with a deep knowledge of the applicant.
  5. Updated Curriculum Vitae.
  6. Two passport size photographs.
  7. Brief explanation on financing feasibility.
  8. Research Proposal (Word/LaTeX) sponsored by a program's Academician (3).

The application can be electronically submitted through the Research and post-graduate General Directory. However, if the applicant is accepted, he/she must submit hard copy originals or legalized copies thereof.

(1) As per format available in the Research and post-graduate General Directory page.

(2) The Degree and Grade certificates must be original or legalized copies.

(3) Only applicable for the PhD. In Electronic Engineering.

Application Dates and Deadlines for the post-graduate Programs

Applications are accepted all year long, however:

  1. Applications will be considered received and will be processed only when the full set of required documentation is received.
  2. To be admitted for the first academic semester (March), applications must be submitted at the latest on November 30 on the previous year.
  3. To be admitted for the second academic semester (August), applications must be submitted at the latest on May 30 on the same year.

Post-graduate Fees

Information about the post-graduate program fees can be found in the following links:

  1. Master's Degrees in Electronic Engineering Sciences.
  2. PhD. In Electronic Engineering.

Any questions about the admission procedures can be submitted to or to Electronics Department Post-graduate Coordinator Dr. Juan I. Yuz.