Regulations ELO

Regulations of the Department of Electronics.

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Reglamento General   Nº 1 Studies leading to the award of a professional degree or a degree, are organized into plans compounds studies sets of subjects and activities required and elective, subject to the provisions of this regulation.
Reglamento General N° 18 General Regulations for doctoral studies.
Reglamento General N° 30 Makes provisions for the performance of people at the University assistantship exercise functions of teaching, research and administration.
Reglamento General N° 40 Special income first year.
Reglamento General Nº 41 General Rules of degree.
Reglamento General N° 42 Admission to intermediate levels. It is a possibility for students of related careers similar level and purpose, national or foreign universities to enter one of the races of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.
Reglamento General N° 43 Internships.
Reglamento General N° 44 Getting professional title under special conditions. It applies if just missed making the Working Title.
Reglamento Deberes y Derechos Regulation of Rights and Duties of students is a document that aims to establish a framework within which the validity of the basic principles of respect and healthy living in the student's learning process and career is guaranteed.
Reglamento del Departamento de Electrónica General Regulations of the Department of Electronics.
Decreto Grado Bachiller In this decree the subjects that you must complete to obtain a bachelor's degree listed.
Normas de escritura del Trabajo de Titulación Regulations governing the structure and format of the presentation of the report Degree Memory careers Department of Electronics.
Reglamento horas ayudantía ELO Procedimiento para asignar horas de ayudantía a las asignaturas del Dpto. de Electrónica.
Reglamento de titulación de ELO Corresponde al REGLAMENTO DE TITULACION INTERNO del Departamento de Electrónica, que cumple con las caractarísticas del REGLAMENTO GENERAL DE TITULACION de la USM.