Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Department of Electronics adheres to the institutional mission and particularly specifies:

Our goal focuses on the teaching of undergraduate and post-graduates in electronic and telematics engineering, on the basic and applied research and on the distribution, linking with with the diffusion of the Science and Technology, and through Continuous Training, entrepreneurship and Technological Transference. We deliver complete training of excellence, focused in the integration of theory and practice, achieving both a high specialization and the competences for multidisciplinary work and innovation, which distinguishes us as a Model Department in the country.

We must contribute both with the formation of professionals and highly qualified investigators, as well as with our research, to face the technological challenges of national and international relevance, in this way supporting the sustainable development of the productive sector, the growth of knowledge and the development of technology, improving equal opportunities and quality of life in society.

Our Vision

To be the regarded as a national and international referent in the transverse formation of complete, competent electronic and telematics engineers, capable of articulating theory and practice creatively, of innovating and of tackling the technological field.

To be an academic community recognized by its contribution in the creation, diffusion and transference of knowledge, collaborating with related organizations and with the Industry, contributing to the improvement of Society.