Strategic Plan

Strategic Focus and Objectives

The fulfillment of our mission and the materialization of our vision depend on the achievement of strategic targets, aligned in accordance with the following focus: 


Strategic Objectives 

  1. Place and to consolidate the Electronics Department careers, in favorable judgment by the Academy, the industrial sector and society as a whole.
  2. To develop, enrich and strengthen a flexible, modern, and efficient teaching/learning process, suitable to needs the society and the challenges of the country, constantly incorporating new technologies and knowledge. 
  3. To form individuals with the skills to face the country's challenges, through innovation and       scientific-technological entrepreneurship.


Strategic Objectives 

  1. To form advanced human capital, capable of generating and/or of applying innovative knowledge to face scientific, technological and professional needs of mankind.
  2. To contribute with the research in the Department, making the same qualified human resources available.
  3. To position our Post-graduate programs both nationally and internationally.


 Strategic Objectives 

  1.  To perform high impact research in science and technology.
  2.  To homogenize Academicians' participation in research projects.


Strategic Objectives 

  1. To strengthen the link with society, promoting the transference of science and technology, with emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship for the the sake of social well-being.
  2. To be a referent in the public and private sectors in all the range of the Department specialties.


Strategic Objectives 

  1. To have an internal organization that provides a transverse and integrated support to all the activities of the Department, allowing for development with performance excellence, the efficient use of the resources (time, physical space, infrastructure, human and economic ) and promoting integration and cross-functionality.
  2. To assure the transparency, the access to information and the compliance of regulations, norms and agreements of the Department.
  3. To attract outstanding academicians to satisfy the needs of all the specialties and to make sure of student excellency availability.