Master’s Degrees in Electronic Engineering Sciences (MS)

Master's Degrees in Electronic Engineering Sciences

The Program aims at the training of individuals with a strong ability to contribute to the national scientific technological development. The program's goal is to form graduates familiar with the process of creation of knowledge and its later application in the development of new technologies and with the broad, state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of the chosen research. This way, the graduates acquire the skills to apply the above mentioned knowledge in research and technological innovation.

Graduates Profile

The Program's graduate is a professional, capable of understanding, analyzing, evaluating, developing and innovating in complex electronic systems. His/Her features include such competences as independence, rigorousness and scientific discipline, critical mindset, and creativity, which qualify him/her to make contributions in his/her specialty. Also, a responsible attitude and academic honesty, which show deference to ethical and regulatory principles, are expected from the graduate.

Program of Studies

The program demands the approval of 24 credits, corresponding to 6 subjects of 4 credits each, and demands also the development of a Degree Dissertation Thesis. A fully dedicated student can complete the program in 4 semesters. The minimum duration of the program is year and the maximum duration is 3 years for a fully dedicated student or 5 years for a partial dedication student.


Año 1 Año 2
Semestre 1 Semestre 2 Semestre 3 Semestre 4
IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-4xx 4 Cr. Tesis 12 Cr. Tesis 12 Cr.
IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-4xx 4 Cr.       Examen de Grado
IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-4xx 4 Cr.      
12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos

Specialization Areas

The Department of Electronics offers the Master's Degrees in Electronic Engineering Sciences in the specialties of Computers, Automated Control, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications and Telematics. For each of specialty, the 24 necessary credits split in 12 credits in mandatory subjects and 12 credits in elective subjects.

List of mandatory and elective subjects.

Dissertation Thesis

The Dissertation Thesis is a task that he must contribute, with original knowledge, to the development of the specialty. The approval of an article in an international conference, is a requisite to secure the Master's Degree. The latter requirement can also be considered satisfied if the results of the Dissertation Thesis generate an article sent to an ISI magazine review.

Dissertation Thesis Proposal Format: Word or LaTeX


This program is credited by the Chilean National Commission of Accreditation (CNA), allowing its students to apply to the benefits and opportunities offered by different Chilean State Institutions.

Rules and regulations

Internal regulation Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering Sciences

General regulation of Post-graduate Studies in UTFSM

Graduation Regulations for Master's and PhD. Degrees