PhD. In Electronic Engineering (PhD)

PhD. In Electronic Engineering

The Program aims at the formation of high quality and competent human resources so that they contribute to the scientific - technological development of the Electronic Engineering Sciences. The goal of this Program is to form graduates with solid theoretical knowledge in the discipline, and with high capacity for international standard independent research.

The Department of Electronics offers the PhD. in Electronic Engineering in the following areas of specialization: Computers, Automated Control, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications and Telematics. More recently, research in Robotics and Bioengineering has been included .

Graduates Profile

The Program's graduate is a professional, capable of understanding, analyzing, evaluating, developing and innovating in complex electronic systems. His/Her features include such competences as independence, rigorousness and scientific discipline, critical mindset, and creativity, which qualify him/her to make contributions in his/her specialty. Also, a responsible attitude and academic honesty, which show deference to ethical and regulatory principles, are expected from the graduate.

Research Proposal

The applicants must present the documentation required by Research and Post-graduate General Directory, together with a Research Proposal sponsored by a program's Professor authorized to lead and direct the Dissertation Thesis-

Dissertation Thesis Proposal Format in Word and LaTeX.

Program of Studies

The Program requires the approval of 6 post-graduate level subjects and 2 subjects of Thesis Seminar level, as well as the development of a Degree Dissertation Thesis. The normal duration of the Program, is 4 years (8 academic semesters) not exceed 12 semesters for a fully dedicated student.


Año 1 Año 2 Año 3 Año 4
Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6 Sem 7 Sem 8
IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-501 12 Cr. IPD-502 12 Cr. Tesis 12 Cr. Tesis 12 Cr. Tesis 12 Cr. Tesis 12 Cr.
IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-4xx 4 Cr.     Examen de Calificación             Examen de Grado
IPD-4xx 4 Cr. IPD-4xx 4 Cr.                
12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos 12 Créditos


The post-graduate subjects are determined by the Director of Dissertation Thesis, in consultation with the student, from the list of post-graduate subjects that the Department offers.


Qualification Examination

Once the program's subjects are approved (including Dissertation Thesis Seminars), and before initiating the Dissertation Thesis as such, the students must approve an Qualification Examination in which they must both show a suitable mastering of the discipline area and present their Dissertation Thesis proposal.

PhD. Dissertation Thesis Proposal Format in Word/LaTeX).

Dissertation Thesis and Graduation Requirement

The PhD. Dissertation Thesis consists of an original personal research work in the pupil's specialization area, and must contribute significantly to the development of science or technology and leading to at least a publication in a specialized main trend magazine review (ISI).


This program is credited by the Chilean National Commission of Accreditation (CNA), allowing its students to apply to the benefits and opportunities offered by different Chilean State Institutions.


Internal Regulation PhD. in Electronic Engineering

General regulation of Post-graduate Studies in UTFSM

Graduation Regulations for Master's and PhD. Degrees