Research Fields

Automated Control

The research in this field includes system design of control, identification and modeling, system sampling, adaptive control, networking control, diffuse systems, industrial robotics, and astronomical instrumentation.


The research in this field includes embedded systems, artificial intelligence, neural networking, genetic algorithms, diffuse logic, information theory, and bioinformatics. 

Power Electronics

The research in this field concerns energy conversion systems and electrical operations control such as: multilevel converters, matrix converters, sensorless engine control, HVDC systems, aeolic energy conversion systems, photovoltaic energy conversion systems and predictive converters control, among others.

Telecommunications and Signal Processing

The research in this field includes wireless communications, microwave and satellite communication systems, antenna design, high speed networking, information theory , sampling and quantifying, channel shaping, channel encrypting, voice and audio signal processing, and high speed image and video processing.


The research in this field includes networking performance evaluation, incremental reality, complex systems, artificial intelligence, safety algorithms such as encrypting and watermarking, and information security.

Electronic bioengineering

The research in this field includes Computer neuroscience, Biological vision, Psychophysics, Spikes neural networking o, voice and human audition, medical image processing, high speed laryngeal video-endoscopy, biomedical systems modeling, biomedical acoustics, computer-brain interfaces, rehabilitation engineering, and bioinformatics.


The research in this field includes mobile robots, artificial intelligence, planning strategies and route planning, support robotics, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), bio-inspired robotics.