Charla: «Hybrid system modelling of networked control systems implemented on WirelessHART networks»

Inicio: 14 · enero · 2016 10:00

Término: 14 · enero · 2016 12:00

Lugar: Auditorio "Guillermo Feick", B-221.

Title: "Hybrid system modelling of networked control systems implemented on WirelessHART networks"
Expositor: Sr.  Alejandro Maass, Exalumno de Ing. Civil Electrónica y Magíster en Cs. Ing. Electrónica.
Día:  Jueves 14 de Enero,  10.00 hrs.
Lugar:  Auditorio "Guillermo Feick", B-221.


Abstract: Network control systems (NCSs) are systems where the communication between plant and controller takes place over non-transparent communication links. Several results already exist in the literature for linear NCS regarding specific communication problems such as packet drops, delays, data rates, quantization, etc. Control-oriented analysis and design is still missing when studying real life networks such as FlexRay, CAN, Zigbee, WirelessHART, in which, apart from the above, issues like scheduling, routing and traffic need to be addressed too. We use a Hybrid System formalism to obtain a control-oriented model for non-linear NCSs implemented over a WirelessHART network. This model allow us to obtain stability results for source routing configurations and poses an interesting new problem to address for graph routing configurations.


Bio: Alejandro I. Maass was born in Santiago, Chile. He obtained the Electronic Engineering degree and the M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, Chile in 2013. During 2014 he was a research assistant at the Department of Electronic Engineering in the same university. In 2015 he joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree. His research interests include Network Control Systems, Nonlinear Systems and Optimal Control.

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