Call for Faculty Position at Department of Electronic Engineering

23 · septiembre · 2022

This call is aimed at filling a full-time faculty position for the Department of Electronic Engineering
at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM or USM, for short) in the field of Telematics
(Code 22-04-67). Telematics Engineering at UTFSM is a professional career that has been
implemented since 2003 to provide the knowledge needed to conceive, design, implement and
operate all kinds of telecommunication networks, as well as knowledge of network security
mechanisms, data transmission, protocols, services, and applications.

Candidates may be Chilean or foreign nationals, in possession of a doctoral degree with
specialization in one of the following areas: telecommunication systems planning and performance
analysis (layers ISO/OSI 3-7); and integration of telecommunication systems, including Internet of
Things (IoT) infrastructure.

The selected candidate is expected to be a competent and highly motivated academic who will
contribute to teaching in undergraduate and graduate (Master and Doctorate) programs, to do
research, and to participate in innovation activities. The willingness of the candidate to perform
theoretical and experimental teaching and experience in projects of multidisciplinary basic and
applied research is particularly encouraged.

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